Independence high school NYC

Independence High School is a New York City transfer school working with students ages seventeen to twenty-one, specializing in credit accumulation in a supportive environment.

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Five enthusiastic students at graduation.  Big Smiles!


Independence High School is saddened to announce the sudden passing of our beloved Social Worker, Emily Cabrera. She was an integral part of our school community and will be greatly missed by staff and students.

Please see the announcement for more information on Emily's life, impact, and the memorial services planned for her.

Google Classroom

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new Credit classes in Evening academy

Do you want to graduate earlier?

Are you interested in earning 2 more credits this trimester?

GREAT NEWS!! We will have Evening School via Zoom from 6 to 8

Ask your guidance councilor about adding you to a class

Ms. Ortiz:

  • Debate - 6pm-7pm - Google Classroom Code: fv6mml7

  • Mystery Incorporated - 7pm-8pm - Google Classroom Code: rwk44qo

Mr Fuks:

  • Current Events - 6pm-7pm OR 7pm-8pm - Google Classroom Code: cczdrcy

Mr. McKeel:

  • Animal Science - 6pm-7pm OR 7pm-8pm - Google Classroom Code: i6sh3od

Ms. Laklaai:

  • Geometry 1 - 6pm-7pm - Google Classroom Code: kkciof2

  • Trig 1 - 7pm-8pm - Google Classroom Code: aq56xef

Mr. Grondin:

  • Computer Skills - 6pm-7pm OR 7pm-8pm - Google Classroom Code: kta5zaf

Ms. Shull:

  • Restorative Justice - 6pm-7pm - Google Classroom Code: s47tgpp

  • Mindset and Motivation - 7pm-8pm - Google Classroom Code: d33zc2y

Mr. Kinney:

  • Financial Literacy - 6pm-7pm OR 7pm-8pm - Google Classroom Code: y4rsott

Need help with Google Classroom? Check out this How-To guide

saturday Academy!

Saturday Academy is back! Want help with work in your current classes? A few of your teachers will be LIVE on zoom on Saturdays from 9:00am until 7:00pm to help.

Join the Saturday Academy Google Classroom class with code 6c6q64m for zoom links.

Saturday Academy Schedule:

Saturdays: English, Math, Science, Social Studies, ENL Support


Please stop by our office (Guidance Suite) or join our Google Classroom with code qjjdwtk for information on:

  • NX packets

  • Credits

  • Graduation

  • Future plans

  • Just to talk

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Contact Info

850 10TH AVENUE, NEW YORK, NY 10019

PHONE: 212-262-8067

FAX: 212-262-8110

Transit Directions:

  • 59th St. Columbus Circle stop on the ACBD1

  • 57th and 7th stop on the NQRW

  • 7th Ave on the BDE

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