School information

Independence High School is a New York City transfer school working with students ages seventeen to twenty-one, specializing in credit accumulation in a supportive environment.

Contact Info

850 10TH AVENUE, NEW YORK, NY 10019

PHONE: 212-262-8067

FAX: 212-262-8110

Transit Directions:

  • 59th St. Columbus Circle stop on the ACBD1

  • 57th and 7th stop on the NQRW

  • 7th Ave on the BDE

Faculty and Staff Directory


Principal, IA

Sarah Powers

Assistant Principal

Bryce Wisell

Parent Coordinator

Denise Yepez

English Department

Melissa Ortiz

Aaron Kinney

Jacob Berkowitz

Alana DiGiacomo

Emma Shull

Social Studies Department

Nathan Grondin

Jason Fuks

Marek Farenholc

Sharon Bell

Math Department

Housna Laklaai

Science Department

Krystal Anello

Taylor McKeel

Special education department

Charles (Stan) Stanley

Iseult Leger

Derisse David

Art Department

Natalie Willemsen

Physical Education


Social worker