About Us

Students at graduation


The Independence High School community will provide a safe and engaging atmosphere in a small, personalized, and inclusive setting.

Faculty and staff will work with students and families to provide a high level of support to encourage student achievement. Teachers recognize and respond to individual strengths and needs of students as students work toward academic mastery and critical-thinking skills.

By providing students with a variety of sources and perspectives, teachers foster focused and rigorous learning in a supportive and collaborative environment.

We will nurture a passion for learning and problem-solving skills using Restorative Practices in an environment built on high accountability and high support. Families will be encouraged to maintain a high level of engagement with the school.

Front of the school building


Graduates of Independence High School will have developed more positive and engaged minds and will be capable of critical self-reflection. We support students as they reconnect to school and prepare them to pursue college and careers so they become responsible, productive, and independent members of society.